cold in here

ngay Camera Whore - >"I don't want to be a story in Us Weekly." (Paris/Nick)

Five First Times That Never Happened - it's just like the first time (Justin/Britney)

Columbus Circle - just being in New York is enough to focus on. Nick/JC for Rose for DWNOGA.

Can't Backup - When Nick catches Brian's eye, even now, sometimes he thinks that maybe Brian will never marry Leighanne. Fast forward a year or so and Brian does.

Ain't The Only One In Love - Chris sees the twin expressions on Murphy Lee and Justin's faces and suddenly he gets it.

Not An Act - There are a lot of ways to love someone (a minor character extravaganza)

Project Pride - "It wasn't supposed to be about sex. It was supposed to be about having pride!"

Been Waiting - He's lived in that skin all his life.

Most Natural Tendency - It's in his blood.

How to Get Him to Commit in Three Simple Steps: A Foolproof Guide for Wooing That Special Someone - JC/Joey for Dizmo for DWNOGA.

Other Days - The first day.

In Focus - because she wants to.

at the time - the breakup.

not the same - Lance is quiet.

the way things are - seating arrangements and love.

The there. And now. - JoLa improv. Clumsy, candlestick, frenzy.

Awww, Sad Puppy!


untitled - That day is not this one.

untitled #2 - so I don't look the part, I don't play the role.


Stop Restless - What happens after life crashes.

Dream!Porno!Roswell - How it really should be.

The Finer Lines - Post-'Departure', another view.

Closer to Gay, by Max Evans - Roswell filk.

Flee - "I'm leaving Roswell." --Isabel Evans, 'CYN'

Better - ficlet.

Sometimes - ficlet.

Roses - Valentine's Day.

The Pussy That Sank A Thousand Ships - Isabel's vagina monologue.

Choice - What if Isabel really did get pregnant from the dreams? Set roughly around 'Four Square.'

Drowning in Pools of Ice - Liz and Max get captured by Pierce...

But I'm the Captain of the Football Team! - Kyle's thoughts after being healed by Max.

To Put Right What Once Went Wrong - The story Tess has heard all of her life...

Iowa - Tess and Isabel. (First and last songfic. Oy.)

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