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every rose has a thorn Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Many of the stories posted here are adult in nature and contain slash (sexual situations between two or more people of the same gender). If you are under age or you think this type of writing may offend you, please don't read anything with an adult and/or slash rating. Stories are labeled and have disclaimers. You are responsible for what you read! (Webmaster's note)

What's new?

Crossovers (gen, het and slash from Buffy, Highlander, Once a Thief, X-Files and X-Men)

Highlander fanfiction (gen, het and slash)

X-Files fanfiction (gen and slash)

Real People Slash (Back Street Boys and 'Nsync)

Harry Potter (gen, het and slash)

Miscellaneous writing (poetry, essays and other fanfiction)

- Arsenic

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