come back new - JC/Chris : JC learns.

easy - JC/Joey: JC thinks too much.

calling - Chris/Nick: Chris looks for heat.

from russia with love - Chris/Lance: Not everything's cold in Russia (written with aMuse)

hooked - Chris/Lance: Baby!Sync. Lance learns about punk. (written with aMuse)

our love was - Chris/Lance; Chris/Michelle. Nothing gold can stay.

coming home - Chris/Lance. Scenes from a relationship.

king of the world - Chris/Justin. Another take on a holiday classic.

the perfect game - JC/Joey, Chris/JC - JC knows sports. Trust me.

like the ramones - Chris/Lance. Sequel to Hooked. (written with aMuse)

green shirt - Chris/Lance. Because it was ugly. (written with aMuse)

fuel - Chris/Lance, Justin/Nick. The NASCAR AU. (in progress)

know i'll stay - JC/Joey. Sometimes it's not more than friends.

the one where chris sucks - Chris/Howie. Why deny the obvious?

nothing is more certain than the flower - five short vignettes, based on a theme

a fool could see - Chris/Lance. Swim upstream constantly and you just end up tired. For Jen.

tethered - Lance/Nick. Sometimes you find it where you least expect. SeSa submission for Ro.


*nprovs - shorts of various pairings


Stories written as MissCece can be found [here].


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